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In 2008, the Florida Legislature abolished the term “custody” and replaced it with the term “time-sharing.” The concept of “time-sharing” refers to the amount of time each parent physically spends with the child. In determining time-sharing issues, the court enters a “Parenting Plan,” which is a comprehensive document that specifically lays out the days of the week, hours, holidays, and/or special events that each parent has with the child.

In making its determination, courts consider several factors, including the capacity of each parent to consider and acts on the needs of the child; the geographic viability of the parenting plan, with consideration given to the amount of travel time required to implement the plan; the moral fitness of the parents; the home, school and community record of the child, and the ability of each parent to be informed about the child’s circumstances, such as the child’s friends, teachers and medical providers, among other factors.

Children Should Never be Sacrificed to the Litigation Process

Their best interests should be protected at all times. At the same time, separating from your partner should not suggest that you should not have an important role in your children’s lives. At Strategic Family Attorney, P.A., we know that these are sensitive issues, and we are committed to protecting your children, as well as your right to actively be their parent. Contact us for a consultation.

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